found a web review for the Old Grange Inn

18 room self-catering hotel at Grange, near Mt.Irvine (listing)
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found a web review for the Old Grange Inn

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Hello Steve,

I left a post a while back asking about the Old Grange Inn. I happened upon this web review on trip advisor. The author is unknown so I don't think I would make up my mind about this place based on one review, still... Anyway here it is-
Have stayed there a couple of times. Have ALWAYS had a problem with the phones in my room not working. After hours there is nobody in the office to contact if having a problem.(Standard I hear for GUEST HOUSES in Tobago). A notice in the room gives a room number and phone number of someone to call. That did not work out at all as my room phones never worked properly. People came to visit me at the hotel They reported they saw nobody there to ask if I had checked into the hotel or my room number. I was upstairs in my room (complete with leaking toilet and wet floor) not knowing that I had visitors downstairs. They left without seeing me. I gather that GUEST HOUSES close their offices after a certain time of night. My flight brought me into Tobago after this time. How was I to know !I arrived hungry as hell, went to bed hungry as no food places are nearby The cafeteria was permanently closed down the last time I was there in April 2003 and there was ABLSOLUTELY NOWHERE near the place to get breakfast.This is definitely NOT a place to go now ! Like I said I used to be very happy staying at Old Grange Inn but my last visit there so turned me off, that I am now looking for somewhere else to stay. I started dealing with them after a real bad experience with the hotel immedeately next door. Again a leaking toilet, window and balcony door that could not be locked and cafeteria staff who were angry at having to prepare dinner for me after my flight arrived late in the night. I WILL SAY THOUGH THAT THEIR STAFF MEMBERS ARE VERY POLITE.I am now going to try a different hotel.

It did not sound too positive. On another note, I will be honeymooning on Tobago from 11/15-11/28 and your website has been a tremendous help. We are spending the first six nites at the Crown Point Beach Hotel and then hopefully somewhere a little more off the beaten path. Tanja Mohammed at Yes Tourism has been extremely helpful in making arrangements for our flight from Trinidad to Tobago. We intend to use Yes tourism for our other needs as well, just have not figured out what they are yet...Jodi likes the beach I like the Rainforest and remote places. Anyone other MY Tobage fans going to be on the island then?

Maria James

Post by Maria James »

I stayed at Grange Inn and I must say that I enjoyed my stay.

*We had no phone in our room, but it didnt matter because I had my cell phone. In reception there is a sign that gives you the prices of phone calls if you need to make any.

* My flight was delayed by 2 and a half hours. As soon as I found out, I called them to inform them of what was going on. They made arrangements for us to get our key from the night manager and we checked in in the morning. Made sleeping a lot easier.

* Although reception was closed, there is a notice on the door saying who to check after working hours 8am - 9 pm.

* No leaking toilet

* I agree. Staff members are really pleasant and helpful.

I would recommend to anyone to stay at Grange Inn.
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