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16 room hotel/inn in Plymouth village (listing)
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Avish Chotoo

Guest Report

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The time which was supposed to be spent in Tobago, was expected to be stress free and relaxing. The Changrela Cocrico Inn made things terrible to the extent of regretting the vacation we just experienced. There are so many bad things about the place that I can actually write a book on it. I am not one to expect highly of any resort, but, I am certainly entitled to a standard of comfort that any average resort is responsible for providing, as all costs are being fully paid. If I were to sum up my overall feeling there, I'd have to say that it was identical to that of a school. The owners of the place treated everyone as mere children and talked to others in such a manner that is proved most disturbing for us. It is entirely deplorable and I STRONGLY urge any persons who are looking for a good vacation, to NOT stay here. Don't make the same mistake we did, and have your much desired vacation ruined by those owners and their terrible service.

Everard Chang
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Re: Guest Report

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This guest report appeared in another forum and was replied to in sufficient detail. In a nutshell, the writer of this review could not enjoy his stay for the following reasons:-
1. The group brought more persons than originally booked on the phone. They did not want to pay for an additional room. This caused overcrowding in the two rooms that they occupied.
2. Their maxi taxi broke down on the second day. It had to be wrecked and towed back to Trinidad at considerable expense.
3. On the third day they rented a vehicle at great expense and had to abort their river lime due to heavy rains.
4. While romping in the swimming pool during the heavy rains, management told them that the pool will be closed for safety reasons because of the lightning and severe weather. After everyone came out of the pool, three teenagers from this group returned to the pool shortly after, and had to be warned and admonished for disregarding management's instructions.
It is clear that the writer, probably one of the three teenagers mentioned previously, could not enjoy his stay due to the events that unfolded and not because of any poor service. Readers of this response are left to judge for themselves.

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