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Guest Report

Post by Paolo »

I read a lot of entusiastic review about the hotel, so I spent 19 days in Tobago at the Candles in the Wind. Still now my wife and me are trying to find out what has people found in that place to make them so entusiastic. We have been travelling for a long time, visited many places around the world and always oganising the trip on our own.
The hotel closest beach is 1 mile off, no other way to get there but a car hired or by foot.
For $60 a day we never had our bedroom sweeped up once or the bathroom cleaned.
The room at the first floor was rather dark and do not forghet that the location is beside a very noise disco bar, the "Golden Star".
Mr Andrew the owner spend all his time at the computer or reading the paper, he doesn't bother to give any information about what goes on in the Tobago.
I would suggest him instead to to write all those cartels around the house, to write, on a board, some raccomandations what to do and how, like:
1) When steeldrums are on
2) Where to hire a car
3) a meteo buletin
4) what is worth to visit in the Tobago and how to get there
These are my impression and I hope to see finally somebody that will write something more serius about Candles in the wind
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Re: Guest Report

Post by Ronald »


Hotels are not ON the beach in Tobago, never mind if it´s a small or large hotel, but some are close or even very close to a beach.
The fact that this place, Candles in the Wind, isn´t ON a beach would be easy to see if you check the information via a map on this website.
A distance of 1 mile to the beach isn´t exactly a "Marathon-distance", and if you wanted a place as near as possibly to a beach, than you didn´t do your home work.

If you didn´t see any info of what´s going on in Tobago, why didn´t you ask him or asked peoples you met or at the Touristinformation at the Airport?
Car rental´s, are mostly around/nearby the Airport, never mind where you travel in the World, and they do exist there inTobago too, the Touristinformation would help you with info, and on this website you also have these information avaiable.

What´s worth to see, NO ONE can say that before YOU tell them what you are interested about. Otherwise you wouldn´t get the answers you were looking for. A person interested about trips in the rainforrest doesn´t look for fishing reports. And again, the answers can be found both on this website and in Tobago, but you have to do something on your own too, you have to ask.

If you don´t find needed info on your own, why didn´t you ask before you choosed to go? You would get all kind of information here on this website but one have to ASK for it.
You would also get a lot of info by asking the Tourist Information at the Airport, local peoples nearby or on the beach areas, but peoples in Tobago doesn´t "sell" themself, they doesn´t hunt down visitors to get their money.

Sorry Paolo, I feel that you didn´t do your home work before choosen Tobago and Candles in the Wind. For me it seems that you expected something like a South European tourist destination, but it isn´t such a destination. Some places in the Caribbean can be seen as similar with bigger European Tourist Destinations, but Tobago isn´t such a destination.

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