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8 room Guest House in Canaan (listing)
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Reply to PAOLO FRANCHETTO's comment.

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Firstly, I would like to thank "Ronald" of Sweden for his response and comments also.

As the Owner of Candles in the Wind, I would like to comment briefly on what was said.

Prior to the Franchettos' visit to to Tobago I called and arrange for a Guest house in Trinidad to accommodate them on their first night of arrival.

I discounted their daily rate from US$65.00 to US$60.00 and have also replied to Paolo no fewer than five times answering various questions including answering questions as stated in the following e-mail:-

andrew leekit to Paolo
show details Jan 12 Reply

Hello Paolo, I am happy to provide the following info.
Hope that I have been of help to you.
See next to your questions.


On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 5:18 PM, Paolo Franchetto <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Andrew
I write to taking advantage of your kindness to ask you a few informations reguarding your island.
these are the questions:
Is it possible to rent a car? Yes, average US$55.00 / day
Are there any ATM for cash? Yes, Three (3) nearby
Do I have to bring with me towels and bed sheets?Only your beach Towels
I've seen in the Meteo it is raining now, is this normal? Very little rain at this time.
Is Carneval time in Tobago? Carnival is 23/24 Feb.

Sorry to take your time but if you can spare me some answers, I would apreceate
See you soon
Paolo Franchetto

Firstly, I am located in the Bon Accord Development among numerous other Villas and Guest Houses where Guests all access the nearby beaches in the Crown Point area either by foot or car ..What other way is there?.
There are very few beach front properties on the island of other Guests have made this an issue in the past….The nearest beach is at Swallows which is adjacent to Coco Reef Hotel and is about eight minutes by foot
At no time did PAOLO FRANCHETTO express any dissatifaction with his stay, or the lack of cleaniness of their room or the place in general, while his wife spoke no English. and was unable to communicate directly with me..I did offer a choice of rooms on both the ground and upper floor and they choose one on the ground floor with Two Double beds.
All of my rooms are cleaned every 3-4 days , linen changes , towels rotated, garbage emptied and toileteries replenished..If Mr Franchetto claimed that “we never had our (his) bedroom sweeped up once or the bathroom cleaned” …and was so dissatisfied why did he not ask for a refund ,or bring it to my attention and / or leave ?
I am a retired person and it is my privilege to read the newspaper or be on the computer as often as I wish………notwithstanding I did mention my additional services of taking these guests to “Sunday School’ in the village of Buccoo at a cost of US$25.00 / return for the both of them including leaving them with a Cell phone to call me at their convenience. Regretfully this service was never paid for as the guests checked themselves out before 5.00am when I awoke as I usually do. …I presumed that they were leaving on the evening of that day as they made no mention of their early departure.
On such occasions I would collect outstanding monies and be available to offer airport drop off or arrange ground transport to the Ferry Terminal for them as was done with other guests in the past..
This reply is not intender to engage in a debate with Mr Franchetto but merely to place on record the facts surrounding their stay with Candles in the wind.
Contrary to what they have said, all other guest comments report differently.

Andrew Leekit (Owner).
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