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14 room Guest House in Bacolet (listing)
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Martijn Lodewijk

Guest Report

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Let me first of all say I'm not dependent on luxury or something similar to that at all, I wouldn't have minded sleeping on a beach or somewhere else outdoors if that's what it would take to get a feel for Tobago.

Now on second thought I might as well have chosen a different place to stay.

While no doubt the people who run this place are trying their best to make people at home this didn't quite work out so well for me.

Situated as it is between a cemetery on one side and a school on the other side the location is nonetheless scenic, it is very close to the sea, but one can only glimpse the sea from there, to get closer to it would mean going back through to Scarborough and finding access somewhere there, or at least that's how I figured you had to do that. (My stay was a few days only and I didn't get to actually be at the beach)

When I was there after spending some time in some pretty noisy places in Trinidad I hoped to get some rest, (mind you I had just gotten married in Trinidad two days before) however the school was in full operation at that time, as well as an eager gardener with a petrol engine powered bushwacker who seemed to go on all day.

I wasn't taking all this too seriously and wanted to go for a swim in the pool at the guest house, a group of school children were using it at that time, probably being taught how to swim, so that didn't really go as I had thought either.

Personally I don't mind tropical temperatures that much but some buildings are just hot while you're inside of them, to slightly lessen this I reckoned I could try the airconditioning unit while again trying to get some sleep that night. The airco turned out to be so noisy I turned it back off again in an instant, it did perfectly cool things down for as short as it lasted though.

Being outside on the grounds of the building was mostly enjoyable as there was a decent view. Also I enjoyed the visiting hummingbirds helping themselves to the local fauna's riches.

All in all the location of the guest house was fine to explore the area of Scarborough and around there, even on foot this proved to be doable, which resulted in some sight-seeing in Scarborough itself and a nice visit to the fort George (or was it fort King George? I keep mixing the name up with the one I visited in Trinidad). The museum there was very interesting as well, no doubt I'll delve into the historic aspect again if I return to Tobago.

If I do return to Tobago though it's going to be most likely to live there, which means I'll find an actual house or apartment to rent or buy. Should I find a temporary place before I can move into something more permanent I'd not go to this guest house again.

Basically what I think is I got my money's worth at this place, which wasn't a whole lot, then again the upside is I hardly spent any money at all so that makes perfect sense.

In short, this place is being referred to as a place for people on a 'shoestring' budget on some websites, the summary of this story already indicates that I think that if you're on such a budget you might consider buying shoestrings, rather than spending it to stay here. Not a place I'd reccomend then.

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