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5 room Guest House in Scarborough (listing)
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Paul Longthorne

Guest Report

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've given 1 star because the facilities are basic and it would be misleading to give more. This is not for the tourist but for the traveller. Those wishing to get to know the culture. At TT$70.00 per room per night (£44.00 per week) it will allow those (like myself) who are on a strict budget, to spend more time getting to know something of the culture of Tobago.

Situated in the heart of the capital, Scarborough, it is 3 minutes walk from the ferry terminal, the central veg market and the Botanic Gardens and is surrounded by a vocal, vibrant community.

My fellow guests and the manageress Ms Edwards were polite, courteous and considerate and I hope their opinion of me was the same.

The room was en-suite and had a fan. There are cooking, washing and ironing facilities. My room was the one on the top left in the picture.

I really enjoyed my 2 week stay and intend to visit Tobago again and stay there and I would recommend it for backpacker type travellers and single persons on a budget, like myself.


e-mail- [email protected]
telephone - 639-3926
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