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Guest Report

Posted: Thu May 16, 2013 4:19 pm
by Jennifer Haggis
Please read all this review, don't be put off by my ramblings as im really hard to please! This is the second time my husband and i have stayed in 'Millers Guest House' and i'm not sure why? we booked a room prior to getting married and stayed for 4dys 18mths ago.The room was very basic, it had a bed....that's it,not a cupboard in site! Alright there is a bathroom! No tea or coffee making facilities, and the tiniest fridge you ever did see! so we book again because Winston (he is a nice guy) told me he would get a kettle in the rooms (because i'm english you see i need my tea!)and we hoped the sea view room would be better as it has a proper kitchen. The apartment itself is bright and airy and on first view looks beautiful, its only when you live in it that you see its flaws. The doors don't fit in the frame so no matter how much you spray, the mozzies gonna get ya! The locks are weak (i need proper locks!) and not very secure. The bathroom door is put on upside down and cannot be closed as it sticks. The dishes up on the shelves had dead flies in from previous tenants sprayings. Scariest of all is the room is one big goldfish bowl with shear curtains all round, so watch out when you get changed cos all your neighbours can see! Look i'm not saying dont go, the beach is around the corner ( just have to get past the buffalo and goats)the El Pascador restaurent has some lovely ladies to look after you, there is sunday school and some wonderful local bars (have one in Zan's Bar and ask for Freddie,say Jennie sent you)Kirt and 'Mrs Kirt' (our taxi drivers) are two wonderful people who took us, my mum and gran to church.I'm just saying if you want basic Millers is for you! Apologies Winston i can only be Mrs Haggis.