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7 room Guest House and Hostel in Buccoo Village (listing)
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Max Williams

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Our two families stayed at millers this summer and we were satisfied with our accommodation. It is great quiet and relatively safe get-away vacation spot. It is conveniently located across the bay (2 min walk) from a 1 km long secluded sandy beach with excellent maintained shaded area along the beach.
Accommodations are basic (you get what you pay for), but the hospitality is a1. Winston is a man of his word and will try to accommodate your every request.

Swimming off of the landing/pier in front of the guest house is great for the kids except it is where the local fishermen leave each day to go fishing and return with their catch, which they clean on the pier. Great selection and price for fresh catch of the day (which include lobster and conch), if you are into cooking for yourself. Fishing from the shore and the landing is also rewarding.

Restaurant meals are well prepared and the cost is reasonable, except, no openings on Mondays.

If you are into T & T street food, the Bamboo Shack (2 min walk down the road), provides a variety of choices for breakfast and lunch (no dinners). You can also order your special meal for the next day. Don’t forget to order the fresh prepared sour sop drink. Other street foods are available within 2 – 5 minutes’ walk down the road.

The convenience store close to the lights (a 5-minute walk away) has all your basic needs including beer and other local spirits. Check out the local street food vendor in front of the store every Friday evening. Local T & T specialities such as aloo pie, roti & curry, palouri & geera pork or chicken and hops (a bun), are available.

You must visit Buccoo Reef and the Nylon pool. Reservations can be made at the little hut at the end of the walkway, to the left of the Millers. Average price $120.00 T.T ($20 us) per person, but you can ask for discounts if you are part of a group (there were 9 of us and we received a fair deal).

Sunday is “Sunday school” time in Bucco. The action begins around 7:30 p.m. and continues until the wee hours of the morning – good food (check all the locations before you decide) at reasonable prices - $70.00 to $120.00 per dinner plate. Street food (souce, soups, roti, aloo pie etc) is also available at lesser prices. Great steel pan and DJ entertainment and reasonable priced souvenir stores. Lots of revellers and most of all, it is relatively safe. We found that Buccoo and most of Tobago is safe compared to Trinidad and other Caribbean islands.

Bus service to Plymouth or Blackrock or to Scarborough is available for $2.00 T.T each trip (peanuts), however there is a 2 hour or longer wait between buses and note, you have to purchase tickets before you get on the bus. the driver is not allowed to take cash. Taxi rides are reasonable - $5.00 T.T per person from Bucoo to Storebay. You can negotiate your price with a private hire car driver.

Storebay, pigeon point and crown point are the preferred swimming and beach hang-out points on the weekend for both locals and tourists alike (there is no cost to swim at Storebay – there is a cost to go to pigeon point). A 15 minute ride by taxi gets you to any of these locations from Bucco. There are however many other beaches on the island.

A good reasonable way to experience the rest of the island is to take a bus ride from Scarborough to Charlottesville, a quiet fishing village at the north-east end of the island, on the Atlantic side. Be warned however, it may be one the most hair raising rides of your life – lots of sharp turns, up and down very steep hills and the road is narrow most of the way -Typical Caribbean Island roads. Whatever you do, make sure you are ready to catch the 4:30 – 5:00 p.m. bus back to Scarborough. The last bus of the day which arrives any time after 6:00 p.m. does not return to Scarborough until 5:30 a.m. the next day. Your choice of overnight accommodation in Charlottville is limited and pricey.

If you are into fishing however, overnight stay is worth it – big game fish such as grouper, tarpons, blue marlin etc. can be found in these waters. Check out the 1005 lb. blue marlin caught at the 2013 Tobago international game fishing tournament held this year.

Any of the nature preserves on the island are excellent for day tripping. lots of tropical flora and fauna to be discovered.

All in all, our say met our expectations and we would return and recommend it to all our family and friends. but remember, it is a Caribbean island and things can and do go wrong and the pace is much slower and laid back than in the north. go with the flow and be patient and most of all enjoy your vacation in the sun.

Great family get away….

Max, Maggie, Maxwell, Rupert Susan, Nigel Olivia, Toni and Justin

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