Miller's Guest House in Bucco

7 room Guest House and Hostel in Buccoo Village (listing)
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Miller's Guest House in Bucco

Post by Jo-AnneP »

First off, even though my trip isn't until November/December, I can barely contain my excitement!

I've just started booking my accomodations and was looking for input on Bucco. I'm currently debating between the Polo Bar (which has gotten incredible reviews here) and Miller's Guest House.

I'll be staying in Bucco for two days, Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday being my night to try Sunday School.

Miller's is considerably cheaper than Polo, $18US for a single compared to $40US at Bucco.

Has anyone stayed at Miller's or heard anything through the grapevine?

I'll be at Ocean Point for my first two nights, then somewhere in Bucco. The Naturalist in Castara is next and then hopefully Man-O-War Bay Cottages for the remainder of my two weeks stay.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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Patrick Dankou
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Tobago Business
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Miller's or Polo

Post by Patrick Dankou »

Hi Jo- Anne,
comparing Miller's and Polo bar would be really unfair,in my humble opinion the extra cash required to stay at Polo bar is a good investment.
Patrick Dankou
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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Jo-Ann

When I first launched myTobago back in April 2002, I emailed every hotelier asking them to check our listings and to make sure we weren't misrepresenting them. We received some truly lovely replies – one of which was from Cecil Miller the manager/owner of Miller’s Guesthouse. I won’t embarrass him by repeating his sentiments, but it really made the work on the site worthwhile.

I have long meant to visit Miller’s and introduce myself, just because I was so pleased with his letter. However, I’m a little bit backward at coming forward, so to speak, so never got round to it. My must do so on my next trip though.

You can’t compare Miller’s and The Polo Bar. Without in any way meaning disrespect for Miller’s (hence my preamble), it is more of a back-packers hostel than anything. I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression about the Polo Bar either – although it is ‘incredible’ value for money. I think you would find the Polo Bar of higher standard overall than any of the other places you are considering and Miller’s a little lower.

So, it’s entirely down to your budget and what you’re expecting.

p.s. Sorry, I'd drafted this reply and then got involved in a phone call. By the time I finished it, a copy of Patrick's reply popped into my Inbox - so you've got the same information twice.
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Colin Tucker

Post by Colin Tucker »

I know this thread is old, but I wanted to add my optinion, having just stayed two weeks in gorgeous Tobago.

Millers has the best location in Bucco, right on the waterside. I haven't stayed at the Polo bar, although I am used to staying in 4* hotels whenever travelling on business I'm used to plush hotels. However I wanted to save money on accomodation and spend more money on luxuries such as scuba diving, rain forest tours, etc.

I've stayed at Millers and would highly recommend it if

- you dont mind if the facilities are basic (but clean)
- you don't want to spend a fortune on accomodation
- you'd like to meet local people

Their head chef Leornardo is excellent and I was made to feel completely at home, they have cable TV, laundy and the internet for when you need to relax out of the sun... I would highly recommend this guesthouse!

best regards,
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