Seahorse Inn Accomodation Review

4 room Guest House/Inn and popular restaurant on Grafton beach (listing)
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Seahorse Inn Accomodation Review

Post by TimHyde »

This is probably the best restaurant on the island, with prices to match, but it is definitely not the best for accomodation.
Visitors are not warned that the rooms are immediately adjacent to the restaurant seating area and in the case of the best room, right next to the washing up area. If you dont mind the crash of crockery until midnight most evenings, then it is a good room with an excellent shower and balcony, if rather dimly lit. The mosquitoes will find their way in through the open eaves in the roof, so you may want to take your repellant or insect killer with you. The air conditioning is good, but at this price you might expect a fridge and some tea or coffee making facility.
Unlike the restaurant, the menu at breakfast is is rather dull and monotonous with little interesting fruit, few fruit juces available and awful jam.
The owners are too busy with the restaurant to be very helpful or hospitable, but most of the staff are friendly and obliging.
Stonehaven Beach has a big swell which will not suit all swimmers and there are not many alternative restaurants within walking distance, so a car is a very essential extra to get around.

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SeaHorse Inn

Post by Steve Pitts »

Hi Tim

Perhaps you were spoiled at Mount Hay Retreat?
Back to the real world now eh?

Best Regards
Steve and Lyn Pitts

Paula Wood

Post by Paula Wood »

I realize that my experience with the Seahorse Inn is much older (from Aug 2001) but it was so different from this review that I had to write.

When we were first planning our trip we hunted and hunted for accommodations. We accidentally tripped over Seahorse Inn after almost giving up. We had tried to book reservations at other places on the island only to find that “something” was always wrong (people didn’t respond, accommodations weren’t quite right, timing was off) and we were having problems with flight (getting there from the U.S. is not easy). I contacted the Seahorse INN via the web and I got an immediate phone call from Norma. She was not only set us up with accommodations but helped me with the flights.

Now, zoom forward many months……………… A few weeks before leaving, BWIA cancelled our flight from Trinidad to Tobago. The flight they put us on cut it real close – there was a good chance we wouldn’t make it if any connecting flights were late. We decided to tough it out and try to get to the island instead of staying the night in Trinidad. Well we had flight problems, of course. Our flight out of San Juan was delayed because the co-pilot was stuck in a traffic jam. After sitting on the runway for over an hour they decided to put the security officer in the co-pilot seat so they had enough personnel on the plane to make the FAA happy. When we got to Trinidad we ran for our plan but it left without us anyway. They told us to just wait for the next plane. What next plane was that????? We were supposedly on the last plane. We sat and sat and sat waiting for a plane the may or may not have really existed. We couldn’t call the Seahorse Inn because we didn’t have the correct money (and didn’t think to ask the millions of people that were waiting with us). After 3 hours we were loaded onto a GIGANTIC plane – turns out there was an all night festival on the Island and they’d added in a “party plane” for the night.

We didn’t know what to expect when we got to Tobago – we were three hours late and hadn’t notified anyone. What we got was missing luggage – all of it was missing (golf clubs, clothing). By the time we had filled out our lost luggage claims we were almost 4 hours late. No one was there except us and one cab driver who was wondering where we’d like to go. We took a few steps and a young man started calling our names. It turns out that Norma had stayed awake (and at the Inn) waiting for us. She sent us a driver just in case we were on that “extra” plane. He took us to the Inn and she settled us in. She had also made reservations at a hotel on Trinidad & arranged for a driver in case we were stuck there for the night. The next day she was up very early tracking down our luggage. She convinced them to let us go through customs on Tobago and got them to fly our luggage over.

As for attention during the stay ……………. There was no shortage. She had arranged for a rental car (at a great price) to be delivered to the Inn. Unlike our luggage, it was there for us. She helped us planning how to explore the island and ministered to our wounds after an unfortunate mudslide right into branches full of small painful thorns. She was always available for us. She turned what could have been a nightmare trip into something I couldn’t wait to do again.

As mentioned, the hotel staff was great. Yes, the breakfast wasn’t varied but it was fine. I wouldn’t have expected much more from an Inn that was just serving four rooms of people. And, speaking of rooms. Ours was fine. We had the best one, though, it was away from the bar and the upstairs eating area. We didn’t experience the noise or the bugs. We’ll be staying in the other rooms this time (kids in tow), the ones over the bar, so we’ll report back on that.

Speaking of this time. We are heading back this summer. I staretd trying to plan the trip only to find that the ticket prices were sky-high and I couldn’t get flight times that worked well (we’ve moved and flying from here is even harder than it was before). I emailed Norma telling her that we were wanting to return but were having flight problems. She called me immediately. She remembered who we were (from 3 years ago) just by our name (I knew this because she joked about our flight issues without my mentioning them). Again, she cut through all the flight red tape. We found tickets at a great price without having to fly BWIA and she is handling the island to island part of the trip (since we can’t get access to the same flights on the internet).

Is it the fanciest place on the island? No. Would we stay anywhere else? NO. You can’t beat the price, peacefulness of the ocean, friendliness of the staff, or the attention we received. When we get back, I’ll let you know if the mosquitoes under the eaves changes my mind.

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