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Guest Report

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:39 am
by Shari
I did not stay at this guesthouse...for more than 20 mins anyway. I found my dealings with the caretaker, whatever his name was very unprofessional, after speaking to him 2 weeks in advance about getting the place I found myself in Tobago, infront of the place wondering if the guy i was on the phone with (he was not at the place even though he knew i was coming) was the same person I had spoken to previously. Anyway, that was around 11....he never made it there until after 3...mind you to clean the room while am waiting there.
Now for 200 a night (which is what he charged me, it's actuall 240 per night) I don't expect a five star hotel, but when I saw the place I was instantly turned off. I wouldn't even pay $50 a night to stay there. Anyway, I left immediately and drove down to Buccoo where fortunately enough, and I was very fortunate because this was great race weekend, I was able to get a room at Casablanca, which cost less (150...though it's actually 200 single and 300 double...but i knew someone) and the place is pretty decent, the caretaker, Gayle, is way hospitable and well...i couldn't ask for anything more. Long story short....unless you're looking for a 5 minute bang from a $10 hoe....don't stay at this place!