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Linda Forsyth

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We arrived at Ade's at 11am but nobody was there. Luckily we had a hire car so we sat in that with the air con on. It was a hot and steamy day. I wasted US$10 of my global credit ringing and leaving text messages for the owner of Ade's. At 12.30, we decided to go for a drive. We got back to Ade's at 2pm and STILL nobody. Finally the owner returned our call. She was busy until 5pm??? NO WAY. Come NOW and give us the key.
Now HERE'S a thought. If you're running a Guest House, and some guests have booked MONTHS in advance, either be waiting at the guest house or arrange to have someone ELSE wait at the guest house.
So here's a plus. The view was nice.
Here's another minus. This place is advertised as having air conditioning. Well yes it does, in the bedroom ONLY and the unit sounds like a jet engine taking off so there's no way you can sleep with it on. Donna asked us not to use the air conditioner in the bedroom to try and cool the lounge as it might break down and then it took about a week to get it fixed on the island.
As for the lounge, it only has a ceiling fan. There are no curtains on the windows to block out the sun, so that vy about lunchtime, it had to be 40 degrees in there. We had to sit with just our underwear on with wet towels draped around our shoulders because it was sooooooooooo hot. It was like being in a sauna. There seriously needs to be air conditioning in the lounge and window curtains to block out the relentless sun and heat.
If this is a bed and breakfast, we only received the bed. We were not offered any breakfast. Our apartment was tidied on one of the 3 days we stayed, but some of our things had been moved. In other reviews there is mention of "supplies". The only supplies on our apartment were sugar and salt. There was no tea, coffee or shampoo and no Tobago attraction brochures.
Other reviews mention Bacolet Beach, but Donna told us not to go there because it wasn't safe.
Maybe we stayed at Ade's on an off week???
Maybe Australian standards are higher???
Otherwise, how can I begin to understand why this property has received awards for B&B Property of the Year on 2 occasions.

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