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4 beach-side apartments in Castara. (listing)
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Aum Nicol

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In Castara, you have to go up to go down. There's a great windy road to get to it. The village nestled in the mountainside opens to a beautiful bay. When we walked into our apartment to our left was a good sized bathrooin the middle of the space is a king sized mosquito-netted bed and then a small kitchenette-fully stocked. Opening the balcony doors we had the exact view as in the MyTobago site. I cried it was so beautiful!

My husband and I would "lime" on the balcony with our Angostura Lemon-Lime and enjoy the view. Our room was very close to greenery and lots of birds sang to us and chickens and roosters woke us early to enjoy the day. I have made friends with a lizard that scuttled in and out of our kitchen with a big moth in his mouth.

Unfortunately, we did not make a connection with the owners, otherwise we would have probaby taken the diving trip and tours from them. I was sad to miss them as we had made bond with all our other hosts over our three week stay in Tobago.

The apartment was clean and they offer laundry service! If I could miss one thing, it would be airconditioning. It wouldn't have worked there because there are criss-cross openings in the wall near the ceiling that lets air flow in and out to the outside and to the hallway...which... is a little awkward regarding privacy. I loved the kingsized bed and was grateful for the ceiling and standing fans.

Castara is a lovely village and we celebrated Harvest with the locals. We found a cherished coffee house and many good eating establishments. The fishermen get up early with their nets and the locals were friendly. One thing would be great in Castara is if the people took more pride in the fact they live in heaven and cleaned up the litter along the beach regularly. It wasn't too touristy in May but we made good friends in the locals and from visitors like ourselves.

Alibaba's has a good thing going and a great spot. I recommend this place to visit any time.

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