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4 beach-side apartments in Castara. (listing)
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Zoe Grimwood

Guest Report

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My partner and I booked a rainforest tour with Alibaba and I have nothing but great things to say about our tour. Our tour guide who took us on the adventure was Jackson and this man knows his stuff. From the get go he made us feel comfortable and relaxed and ready for an exciting journey into nature.

His knowledge of the rainforest and animals that inhibit it was amazing and added a special element to our tour. You could feel his enthusiasm and warmth for his job as he spoke about the history of the rainforest and the history of Tobago.

I urge anyone who is visiting Tobago to book with Alibaba.
The village of Castara is absolutely beautiful, the views are breath-taking and lifestyle is one to be admired.

The village has made its mark on us and we will be returning as soon as possible. Remember to check out Alibaba’s tours, as this tour made our stay! We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Jackson for your wisdom!

Zoe & Glen

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