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4 beach-side apartments in Castara. (listing)
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Niels Mørk

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"Friendly, welcoming and exciting"

The little fishing Castara is probably the most interesting and exciting place I have visited. The locals are friendly and we all felt welcome. The beach is fantastic. There's plenty to see and all with a almost unreal beauty.

Castara is a small village. It is not the place with all-inclusive hotels.
There are good restaurants - but it's an advantage to have purchased the basics at the supermarket in Scarborough before you arrive in Castara.

My family and I lived for 11 days in Alibaba Seabreeze. We had two apartments. Seabreeze is located just 20 meters from the beach. There are terraces on all 4 apartments - all with a fantastic view.

We made breakfast every day and it was very nice to start the day with coffee and watch the sea.

Alibaba (his name is actually Brian) is incredibly helpful and sweet.
He is too one of the most respected tour guides on the island. And there's plenty to see and experience.
Just ask Alibaba.

Off the record - try the Sunday School - travel with boat right from the beach at night with the local fishermen. It's an experience.

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