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4 beach-side apartments in Castara. (listing)
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Biggi, Claudi and Isa

Guest Report

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Alibaba's Sea Breeze is an fantastic place to relax and have a great time.
We enjoyed our stay very much.
The apartments are very clean and there is all you need for your stay.
Every apartment had different themes.
We had the stingray and the turtle appartment. It was very comfortable and homely.
In the Kitchen is all you need to make breakfast or dinner by your own.
From the balkony you have a wonderfull view on the reef and the beautiful bay.
You will see a lot of birds and lizards.
It is very quiet. You only hear the waves, the birds and the cock.
We are shure, that we will come back and stay at the same place.
Alibaba and Stephanie are great hosts.
The Tours with Alibaba are unforgetable, because he knows everybody and everithing about his island. Also he loves the nature very much.
Thank you for everything.
Best wishes to Alibaba, Stephanie and Makaya
Biggi, Claudi and Isa from Cologne

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