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3 apartments on the outskirts of Plymouth (listing)
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Joyce Maskam

Guest Report

Post by Joyce Maskam »

Great place in a quiet neighborhood. The appartment is very spacious and very well maintained. All you need is available.
Grocery stores and local cuisine restaurant in walking distance.
The whole place including the garden is very neat.
Appartment is very comfortable and easy to reach.
Good beach close by. Arnos Vale is like home away from home.
Recommended for families and couples.

Jo Hughes

Apartments at Arnos Vale

Post by Jo Hughes »

Please can anyone help me find out if these are the apartments where it is a house where the owner lives on the top floor. There are 2 apartments downstairs (2 bed with interconnecting doors) and one bed apartment upstairs. It is on the outskirts of Plymouth with a nice garden.
I am interested in staying there later in the year, but need more information perhaps from someone who has stayed there before.
Sorry to be vague but I dont know the name of the property only its location and the above details

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Hello Jo

It could be. I've never stayed there, but the Arnos Vale Apartments are certainly on the outskirts of Plymouth (last property on the left before you leave Plymouth on the road to Arnos Vale, if memory serves me correctly). The owner certainly lives there, but I don't know where in relation to the apartments. Yes, it has a nice garden. Its a place you can't help but comment on as you pass, because its always so nice and neat and tidy. Looks like a really well-cared-for place. I met the owner, Victor Forde, once and was very impressed by him. I think that staying there is a VERY safe bet.
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Jo Hughes

Arnos Vale Apartments

Post by Jo Hughes »

Hi Steve,

Yes it is the last property on the road from Plymouth to Arnos Vale, it has been recommended to us by some locals from Plymouth who we have been friends with for 2 years, but I wanted to check for myself that we would be happy staying there. Always stayed at the Rex Turtle before, and trying to keep costs down to afford an unexpected second visit in December, the apartments are very reasonable.

Thanks for your comments

Lisa Keith
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Post by Lisa Keith »

Hi Jo,

This might help! At least it'll give you a 'visual' on the place. It's run by a lovely local guy named Victor Forde. Once you turn off the Plymouth Road to Arnos Vale hotel, it's about 2/3rds of the way down, on the left hand side. It WAS the last place, but there are two or three properties in various stages of being built there now, so it's not going to be the last one for much longer. In the meantime, here's the link:-

Victor answers his e-mails very regularly, so if you have any questions, you shouldn't have to wait too long for an answer.

Best regards,

Jo Hughes

Arnos Vale Appartments

Post by Jo Hughes »

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for such a positive account of the property. One of our friends from Plymouth, Tobago will be staying with us in the appartment(he has promised to do all the cooking! perhaps his skill may rub off on my teenage son!), just seems so long to wait until November!


Cathy Williams

Post by Cathy Williams »

Auldwyn Lindsay Apartments are not in Plymouth, so it is not the one you are looking for. They are in Black Rock, the neighbouring village. They are however extremely nice and close to all things needed. Hope this helps

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