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Guest Report

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:12 pm
by David and Rachel Clifton
This was our second visit to these apartments. The apartments are well equipped (including refrigerator, gas stove and basic kitchen utensils), comfortable and with air conditioning. The garden is a delight, and we could relax on the terrace and enjoy watching the birdlife attracted to the rustic birdfeeders outside each apartment. We saw bananaquits (sugarbirds), tanagers, red crowned woodpeckers, mocking birds, antshrikes while cocricos fed in the palm tree and humming birds flitted around the garden attracted to the humming bird feeders. There were occasional sights of birds of prey such as the yellow-headed caracara. The small meadow area next door attracts butterflies was full of butterflies. This is a haven for nature lovers.

Only about 20 minutes from the airport, access to a car is useful to get around the island but Grafton beach, which is excellent for swimming, is just 5 minutes walk by way of a shortcut. There is a small supermarket at the top of the road for essentials. Legger's bar serving grilled lobster on Wednesday evenings was a bargain.

Generally quiet (apart from the cocracos squabbling over the best perch), Carnival time (as on our last visit) tends to be noisy. Pop the top on a bottle of Carib or Stag and just join in. This is a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the life and feel of Tobago, away from the main tourist areas.