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Guest Report

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:29 pm
by Mr. & Mrs. Harding-Sam
My husband and I just returned from from our weekend stay at the Bananaquit, before our arrival at the hotel we received a call to re-confirm our accommodation, upon our arrival we were greeted by a very Cheerful Carolyn... who was extremely hospitable, professional, efficient and pro-active in the manner in which she conducted business; which to us is a major plus with regard to excellent customer service,it did set the tone from the initial time of our stay there & made it waaay worth the decision in such short notice....since taking time off for this weekend was intended to be a memorable one. There was a verrry minor technical hiccup which she pointed out upon our arrival and was handled with prompt effect.

The layout of the surroundings and apartment was very tasteful, (most importantly)-clean & cosy the ambiance outside the apartment at night was very peaceful, more beautiful & warm e.g with the colourful lights which decorated the tree trunk followed by the park benches underneath; another plus for the effort.
Location is xtremely convenient to Storbay beach, food outlets and most importantly really! five min. walk to the airport.Which was exactly what we needed.
Our stay there was wonderful & we would most def. consider adding Bananaquit Hotel as one of our fav. go to hide which is verry few on our list..and will most certainly recomm. to our friends, family or business colleagues.
Thank you Carolyn!do remain as sweet as you are & keep up the good work...