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Guest Report

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 4:28 pm
by Adina Thornhill
I stay at Bananaquit for 4 days for Jazz Festival, the location was perfect, but everything else was not good, no staff on hand after 5pm, everyone there was from out of town,you had no security no one to call in an emergency. i was not told about a $300 deposit until after i made my reservations. i was told check-in was 2pm, but if i got there early and my room was available i could got to my room, i was not told to occupy that room prior to 2 pm would cost $25.00 and hour. cooking was another problem,call it a room, not an apartment. the so call kitchen would take you back to 1950, am 65yrs old and did not know how to used the utilities they provided. love the location, but would not stay their again.
thank you