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Marc S.

Guest Report

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Had an unfortunate experience attempting to reserve a room at Bananaquit. Called in the morning (in January) requesting a room for one night in March - I specifically asked if there was any policy against renting for one night only and was assured by the gentleman I spoke to that it would be fine and my reservation was accepted. I was given bank account details to make payment.

Called back in the afternoon to ask an unrelated question about the property and spoke to a woman who identified herself as either the owner or manager. She asked my name and reservation details and upon hearing that it was one night only promptly refused to honour it, implying that one night bookings were just a nuisance to her.

Totally unaccommodating and selfish of her, especially as she admitted that she had neglected to inform the gentleman I had spoken to earlier that this was her policy.

In the circumstances I thought she could have made an exception as the fault was clearly hers/her staff's and accepted the booking in good faith.

Don't think she cared one way or the other as she even laughed and said "that's good, go ahead" when I told her I would be making a report to the Tobago House of Assembly about her attitude.

I will never make another booking at Bananaquit.

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