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Guest Report

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:35 pm
by Melissa
My husband, 5 year old son and I visited Bananquit in August 2011, this is not where we had originally planned to stay but due to circumstances beyond our control we had no other choice. We got the Villa Apt. It was not what I had expected a Villa to be, the furniture was old and out-dated and not even a dining table where a meal could be shared properly although there was one on the patio, it smelled old and terribly sweaty. The patio has a nice view and can be utilised on a cool evening but this was made impossible by the old, smelly run-down furniture outside as well. We encountered a few problems such as no water when my child was in the middle of taking a bath. We had to wait app. 30 minutes for the pump to be turned on. The bathroom shower needs to be fixed because it splashes water all outside the shower curtain. When you're finished bathing water is everywhere, there are no proper mats throughout the house. The bed sheets, towels,and furniture needs to be upgraded ASAP. They have seen better days. The kitchen was my favourite of all because it allowed me some good enough utensils as I had brought a lot of my own from home hence the reason I made sure secured parking would be available for my car. There is no proper parking available there and you may have to park on the street. One morning around 8 there were loud knocking sounds on our door for us to come move our car. Who wants to be bothered when you're on a VACATION. Then the owner would have the audacity to tell me parking is not guaranteed. I had made sure parking was secured as this was the first time I was going to Tobago with my car. On the second day there was a problem with us being double booked with someone else we were offered a lot smaller place with less space and did not worth the price of the Villa. We did not agree to that so we stayed at the Villa. On the second to last day of our stay there we went out and upon returning we turned on the A/C (1 which is used to facilitate the entire Villa) was not working. We informed Management and the owner was nice enough to walk the entire building with my husband trying to find suitable accommodations for us for the night until the repairman came to fix it in the morning. We got a good room to stay for the night and she even brought us an extra mattress for our son. These hiccups did not disappoint much though as the location near to Store Bay made all of these problems seem minor.