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Brenda Spiller

Guest Report

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I stayed at Bananaquit for 13 nights (24th Feb - 8 March 2012), and had a very pleasant stay. My satisfaction rating would be higher, however at the time I stayed, and I knew in advance, that the establishment was, and is still under renovation at this time. Therefore everything was as I expected.

The service I received was excellent I found the staff helpful and friendly, nothing seemed too much trouble.


In terms of improving during renovations, although my room had been completed in terms of redecoration; the cooking facilites and kitchen utensils should be new and reflect the upgrade being undertaken.

It took 4 days to have the TV cable box installed which whilst it wasn't a bother to me, it might be for someone who likes to watch TV. Once I had the TV, the selection of channels on the cable service was very good.

The particular room I stayed in needs to be rearranged, which I made a comment about whilst I was there, this would make the best use of light available.

The door needs a blind that does not allow people to look into the room when the lights are on.

Servicing of the room:

It was good, however, I smiled at the differing levels of servicing, some days I had clean towels for several days on the trot and other times I might wait 3 days; more soap added even when it wasn't needed.

I would say it is important to remember when cleaning the shower room and the WC to also clean the door handles and paintwork around the door handles as these are being handled all the time, and leave lots of marks and likely germs around this area of the doors.

Bed making:

Sometimes the clean sheets would be given and left on the bed for me to make up; another day the bed would be completely made up for me. I was amused by this behaviour as I never knew what to expect, just that someone would be in to empty the bins, and show evidence of their presence in some other way.

Every day I made my bed, (this is after all a self catering apartment) but one day I returned to find the sheet and overcover turned half way down the bed, i.e. now unmade again. I just laughed to myself.

I would say it would be helpful if their is consistency in the servicing level so guests know what to expect.
It was not a problem at all to me, but to provide great customer service, consistency is important.


I enjoyed my stay here, it is clean, comfortable, the room was large, even though it is likely the smallest room in the whole building. There is use of a swimming pool, and the garden is well kept.

I would stay here again, and I have already recommended it to two other people.

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