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8 room guest house in Charlotteville
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Grant Schiltroth

Guest Report

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1st let me say that I don't require 5 star , 4 star or ever 3 star, bear this in mind as you read this. Banana Boat is a good idea, only half baked.
Our room had A/C and a fan. The fan did as much as a fan can do. The A/C was a waste of money. The roon was sparce and dingy even by back packer standards although it did have a ensuit bathroom (warm water semi functional) The bed was amongst
the worst I have ever slept on.
We attempted to eat half of our meals at the hotel as we wanted to give the hotel a fair chance. The meals were O.K. but the service only hardly adiquate. For example we were encouraged by hand writen sign to "Ask about our famous home made ice cream" We did ask, twice at the end of our supper meal. Each time we told that they didn't have any. The correct responce would be " We are out tonight but will have it tomorrow ; or on the weekend or at noon", or "I'm sorry we are out tonight would you like piece of our delicious pie" or maybe" fruit with cinnamon and Bailey cream." The point is it doen't have to be famous but you need to look you are trying. In fact all of the employees appear to care less if they have buisness. ( In short they don't get it) The owner was somewhat better.
On the up side : The location of the hotel is good. The restaurant and bar are pleasant and the view is great.

Don't expect a lot of happy patrons. When we we there we only met a few and non seemed happy and none were staying long.
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