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8 room guest house in Charlotteville
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Jenn Ifer

Guest Report

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The Banana Boat was perfect for us in Charlotteville -- Which, on a sidenote, I would recommend as a wonderful destination that we enjoyed even more than Castara or Crown Point.

The staff is friendly and accommodating. We ended up staying two nights rather than the one we had planned because we felt so comfortable and relaxed. The food was also delicious and priced pretty comparatively to any place in town we saw. Additionally, the kitchen facilities are really wonderful for cooking as you get your OWN fridge, stove, utensils, and microwave in the communal kitchen. The only negative I could imagine is that there are only four rooms and the owner seems to want to keep it that way.

The location is great -- at the end of the beach so you are away from the noise of Charlotteville (what little there is anyway!) But the walk along the beach into town is pretty and only about 5 - 10 minutes.

The owner was wonderful to us. She greeted us the night of our arrival when she got back into town and she was a wealth of information about snorkeling, beaches, and other sights to see. She gave us directions to an isolated beach which was a 30 minute walk from our door and it was amazing!

She also gave us a ride into town to the fish market, made sure we had snorkels that fit properly, and gave my bf drops for his ear when it appeared to be getting infected from the water.

Unfortunately, her boat (for diving) was broken when we were there was diving was not a possibility. However, I understand she was having it fixed and I'm sure that was a one-off sort of thing.

Overall, we LOVED the Banana Boat and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Lovely place! And we felt at home and SOOO relaxed!
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