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2 room Guest House in Upper Scarborough (listing)
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John Tarbush

Guest Report

Post by John Tarbush »

My 5-day stay at Sandy's Bed & Breakfast was excellent. I wanted a basic, affordable, quiet room with good surroundings...and that is what I got. The owners of the Cottage were extremely friendly. They were genuinely interested in my well-being. The Blue Crab Restaurant, directly below my room, was fantastic. Some day, I would love to go back for a visit.

Linda P

Re: Guest Report - Sandy's Bed & Breakfast

Post by Linda P »

I'm a bit confused by this post, Salsa Cottage is in the back of Salsa Kitchen, The Blue Crab is in Scarborough. As this listing is for Sandy's Bed and Breakfast, are you confusing two different places that you have stayed?

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Steve Wooler
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Re: Guest Report - Sandy's Bed & Breakfast

Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Linda

Ooops. John is referring to Sandy's Bed & Breakfast, which is above the Blue Crab Restaurant in Scarborough. He accidentally made the post on the Salsa Cottage listing, which by total unconnected coincidence is also associated with a restaurant (and an exceptionally good one too).

John realised his mistake and emailed me overnight. I transferred the post to the correct sub-forum, but forgot to edit the posts to delete reference to Salsa Cottage. I shall now do so to avoid confusing anyone else.
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