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2 room Guest House in Upper Scarborough (listing)
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Paul Hildreth

Guest Report

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Clean and spacious accommodation with a geat view over the harbour. A short walk from the centre of activity in Scarborough (supermarkets, restaurants etc.) and Ken and Allison were caring and informative hosts. The only improvement I would recommend is the provision of an electric kettle in the room.

Tobago generally is noisy, bustling, stunningly beautiful in part but I did notice a lot of litter and discarded large items (plastic bottles, broken implements, abandoned cars and empty, dilapidated housing)- there needs to be a careful watch made on this potential problem. One thing I will not miss is the very loud, incessant music but I will miss the warmth of the climate and the people (once you have broken through that initial blank look!)

My one regret is that I had to cancel my planned meal of curried crab and dumplings on the final night of our holiday; a good reason to go back!

Paul and Annelies Hildreth
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