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2 bedroom apartment in Carnbee
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Tony Williams

Guest Report

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What a wonderful getaway(again) at 11 Degrees North Lodge...

Simple arrangements to book the spot and when you get there: "what you see is what you get" exactly according to the website: clean,safe,cozy accommodation with exposure to Tobago's flora & fauna: bearing fruit trees & glimpses of tropical birds.

Air-conditioned b/rooms provide quiet, restful sleep as cable TV is located in the living room.

Two strides out of your apt. - whilst having a dip in the beautiful plunge pool OR a meal in the gazebo - it's sometimes difficult to believe the serenity at this location.

You'd never imagine that five mins. to the south, is the island's major mall(food court, cinema and clothing/souvenir shops) OR walking northwards, you reach Penny Savers Supermarket(for self-catering supplies).

Two friendly dogs quietly monitor the grounds and never intrude your space nor get in their guests' way.

The larger (costlier) hotels simply cannot offer this idyllic "home away from home" experience and I shall certainly re-visit 11 D.N.L., to enjoy Linda's hospitality once more.

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