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4-bedroom apartment in Bacolet (listing)
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Alan Giagnocavo

Guest Report

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We stayed with Natasha and Malcolm several months after they opened.

Two middle-aged parents and our kids 11 and 14.

We had a great time. The beach is a short walk away. All of us loved the beach. We swam, ran and just walked it. It is amazing how much the beach can change in just 30 minutes - depending on the light and tides. Great to lay out on in a lounge. The most people we ever saw on this 1 mile + beach were 4 other than ourselves. (all very friendly and nice). It was like owning your own beach.

The bedrooms are nicely furnished and comfortable. A Full kitchen with attached dining room.

It was still in a bit of a "shakedown cruise" state - so there were a few annoyances. But they quickly looked after and understood what we needed.

Natasha and Malcolm are perfect as B+B hosts. They are interesting and generous- and so will spend as little or as much time as you want with them.

Kids loved their two Ridgeback puppies. And while we were there, they rescued a donkey and gave her a place in the backyard area.

While the ocean is great, we also like a pool for relaxing and games. The pool is very nice.

We loved our stay there and will definitely come back again!

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