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Guest Report

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:06 pm
by S.Persad
The manager's guest house was an utter disaster.It was nothing that wss promised online.Upon sighting the place ,our hearts sank to the floor.We were disgusted at the dilapidated state of the building! The paint on it was screaming for attention but we held out hope that the inside would be better.Our hope did not last long because the mat that greeted us looked dirty and tattered.The stairs was literally falling apart.Any slight tremor could cause a catastrophe.
The inside reflected the neglect outside.Door s couldn't close,the cable was not working,lights were not working,the shower was awful. The water was only falling on the walls so unless you could plaster your body unto the walls ,you had to suffer. We just could n't believe that we paid 1800 per night for this.THA should have greater oversight on what we offer to tourist.After all isn't Tobago a tourist destination? Please stop misrepresenting your place.All of Trinidad and Tobago will be affected by your lies.