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Small apartment house in Bon Accord (listing)
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Guest Report

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We (Family of 4, two kids aged 5 and 12) stayed at Douglas Appartment for 2 weeks and have been very happy with the choice:

- The bulding is located well within waking distance to good beaches and a variety of restaurants.
- The owners are very friendly and nice and responsive to talk to
- The rooms were spacious and very clean
- The kitchen can be used well for cooking
- The beds are comfortable (although the room is either too warm - due to the temperature in Tobago, or too loud - due to the very effective air condition)

Some of the previous reports have raised concerns about a missing fence around the appartment. I saw no issue with this and have not had many vacations where I have felt as safe for me and my family.

We visited a lot of other places on the island in our two weeks there, but I think there are not many better choices for a family to go to in Tobago.

One slight criticism could be the lack of enough storage place for our luggage. An additional wardrobe would not hurt.

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