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4 apartments in Crown Point
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V Harris

Guest Report

Post by V Harris » Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:45 am

I don't think I will ever be able to express my total dissatisfaction with the owner of H CEAS Villa. Horace was very disrespectful, condescending, chauvinistic and out right prejudice.

In April of 2013 I called H CEAS Villa, from the US to inquire about the three bedroom villa for a three night stay in July. I spoke to Horace who assured me that there was a vacancy, and that I should wire the money to his bank account. I was advised otherwise and decided to pay via "PayPal"; good thing I did so. I should have known there was a problem with this establishment when I had to e-mail him for confirmation of receipt of payment and availability for the requested dates. I was leery when I was told I should pay the balance of the bill before I even arrived, but I didn't follow my instincts.

With confirmation in hand I began to plan my vacation, carving out a spectacular adventure for my family, which consisted of myself, two children, my cousin and her fiancee. Almost every moment from the time we hit Tobago was accounted for, but little did we know we were going to have the worst experience ever. When we arrived at H CEAS Villa we weren't allowed to step foot on the premises, instead we were shuffled over to an unfinished, smelly, filthy house/shack next to the villa. Horace began to tell me that he made a mistake and he would let us stay at the shack for $800 a night, and that we were not allowed to use the pool. I was in total shock, mortified and felt helpless as I was not in my native country and didn't know what rights I had, and where to go with two children as this was my first visit to Tobago. I couldn't understand how there was a mix up, especially when I had booked these accommodations since April, and I had spoken to H CEAS Villa the day before arrival for directions; at no time was anything of the sort mentioned.

Horace was unapologetic for his mistake and even told me I was lucky to stay in the shack. He then became belligerent and started shouting in front of my children when I told him that I had a binding contract; my e-mail confirmation from H CEAS Villa. His story had changed many times as to what and who made the mistake, yet one thing was constant, we were not allowed to stay at the villa or swim in the pool even though it was vacant.

It wasn't until I mentioned the company I work and showed my id, that Horace changed his tune and said that the villa would be more comfortable for us. I didn't want that kind of negativity around my kids so I decided to take my chances pounding the pavements looking for alternative accommodations. Three hours later I was able to check into Summerland Suites.

I give H CEAS Villa zero stars, zero crowns and all thumbs down. I would not advise anyone to visit.Draw your own conclusions, but I can only pinpoint one reason why he didn't want us there.

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