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4 apartments in Crown Point
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Spike Kahn

Guest Report

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Cynthia and Horace are a strange couple. They seem to disagree on most things, which at first was comical, but got tiring fast.

The place at first look, and from the outside, is nice. Convenient walking to either Store Bay or Pidgeon Point beaches, or a taxi to Bucco and beyond.

Horace and Cynthia picked us up from Scarborough, and waited for us when the ferry was late. Very kind. They also gave us a ride to the Pennysaver store, and to the airport to pick up our friend the next day.

However, Horace nickeled and dimed us throughout. Charged us $10 more per night for our friend, who was made to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Offered kitchen cooking facilities, but said that they did not provide washing soap to wash the dishes. Nor salt or oil or anything but the pots and plates and silverware. OK.

The place was also not very clean . You could see the dust on the ceiling fan blades even in the dark, it was so thick. They never came and cleaned the rooms, nor provided even a broom to us, the entire week we were there. By the end, everything was disgusting, with beach sand and damp towels everywhere. Not even a floor mat by the front door.

I think the couple may have once provided a good place, but it is now run down. I don't recommend it. We were glad to leave. We realized from the first day that we didn't like it, but they wouldn't return our money, so we had to stay the full 5 days, even though they didn't have any other guests or prospects waiting for our room and we gave notice on day one of 5.

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