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18 apartments in Crown Point (listing)
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Ann Marie Ramkissoon

Guest Report

Post by Ann Marie Ramkissoon » Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:09 pm

To whom it may concern,
I booked your apartment since February 2008.First i was told that is was $600 then $650 and then $700, as the price kept going up i still went along with it because i was told that i was getting an apartment with a porch and very comfortable to hold eight people(5 adults and 8 children).When i arrived there on the sixth of august i was given the keys to apartment 10A.I then told the lady who took me to the apartment that i was told by Lyla i would be getting an apartment with a porch she then told me to hold on and that she would be back.When she returned she stated that my bookings were done by the "boss" herself(LYLA) and nothing could be done then.
When we got inside i was so embarrassed because i had visitors all the way from New Hampshire and it was their first visit to Trinidad and Tobago.I must say that the apartment that i was given was in POOR TASTE!The draperies were torn,there wasn't a proper shower curtain and a piece of torn shower towel as a bath mat.The first night i went to the office at 9:00pm and reported that the beds were missing two covering sheets and the air condition unit in one of the rooms was not working properly,it kept coming on and off.I was told by a woman in the office that someone would come and check the air condition unit and also bring sheets but no one came.I was so ashamed with my visitors that i was literally counting down the days to get back to Trinidad.I know that i would never be coming back to Jimmy's or further more recommend anyone to your resort!You need to upgrade your standards and further more get rid of your flies from your staircase!!
I considered myself being robbed of $1400.

yours respectfully,
Annmarie Ramkissoon

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