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Guest Report

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Firstly, the owners make a great impression on us. They were welcoming, friendly, and helpful. on our first day in they gave us a drive to the local grocery to pick up what we would need for our stay. The location was aaoout 10min walk away from the main road. However, the location was private and very nice. Orville was always willing to give us tips and suggestions of where to go in Tobago and things that may interest us.

The apartment was very clean. It contained everything we needed (i.e. cleaning supplies, pots/pans, cutlery, wares, etc). The bathroom was clean and had hot water. The only problem with teh bathroom was that at time the water pressure would drop and for some reason it was a bit difficult to get the taps to regulate the water temperature (just fix the water in the shower before jumping in).

We were in a one room self-contained apartment. Although it served it's purpose I personally prefer to have the bedroom and kitchen separate. We did quite a bit of cooking... we tried to cook so we wouldn't have to eat out as much.. but having the kitchen in the same space as the bedroom just made everywhere smell of food. Simply opening the door and turning on the fan helped this. Also, there seemed to be an annoying knock sound that came from the refridgerator in our room. I'm a light sleeper so it bothered me and it also made us think someone was at our door all the time. However, the space itseld was great. The bed was a good size, there was a remote operated fan/lights and a/c above the bed... a/c was fine throughout the apartment. the cable was also great for the nights we just stayed in.

The owners allowed us to use their wireless internet signal however, the signal didn't reach he back room we were in so we would have to bring the laptop around to the front step/check in area.

Upon leaving the owner connected us with a friend who gave us a lift (for free) to the airport.

Overall, we were very satisfied with this guesthouse/apartment and would return again.

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