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Guest Report

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:40 am
by Alan Gale
Castara is an escapist location, as mentioned in numerous locations. Although it can occasionally be invaded by a tourist bus for a few hours, these visitors do not stay long - there is simply not enough to keep them occupied. Primarily Castara is a location for independent travellers, and everyone seems happy to keep it that way. As independent tourists, you should expect the same level of minimalism you would encounter in other escapist locations. If this is not your thing, do yourself a favour and chose a different resort.

We stayed in Tamarind over Christmas and New Year 2012-2013. It is a fabulous, open-air apartment which can best be described as 'rustic'. Whilst it has all of the items and utensils you could possibly need, it is a wooden structure, which creaks slightly - noise travels! It's like staying in a giant tree house, but without any swaying. We found it a pure thrill.

The decking at Tamarind deserves a special mention. Large, spacious, almost constantly in the sun, and regularly visited by a host of beautiful birds, it also has a sea view. You can hear the waves from the nearby beaches as you soak up the sun or relax after a day of strolling along the sand.

We found that there were actually more supplies available in the shops than we had expected. At no point did we have to go to the bigger towns just to get anything we required (though our tastes are fairly simple). Cereal, milk, pasta, rice, meat (frozen), beer, rum, bottled water (if you don't want to drink the safe tap water) - all can be easily obtained from the several shops. Cheno in the coffee shop usually has ice cream (though the choice may be limited), and Sharon at the Boathouse can do you pizza and/or iced coffee.

We were very glad we chose Castara, and Tamarind in particular. Adam takes care of guests staying at all three of the Castara Cottages, and will regularly swing by to check you have everything you need. It's not a holiday suitable for everyone - that simply doesn't exist anyway. It's for quiet tourists with few requirements. If this is you, I can utterly recommend that you give this a go! Five stars for us!