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3 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Ricky Williams

Guest Report

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This was our first holiday since having the kids & what a fantastic choice it was. We took Cinnamon apartment on the lower level & it was as close to nature as you can get. It really was like being in a tree house with countless species of colourful birds inviting themselves for breakfast every morning ! The children were mesmerized.

The 2 beaches are only a short walk from the apartment and Heavenly Bay (the small beach) was indeed a treat for young & old alike. Shallow, safe waters with some great snorkelling only yards away from the beach.

Cinnamon apartment was clean & very well equipped for self-catering. We had everything we needed & more than we expected.

The owners had been in regular contact to make sure our requirements were available - especially for the children, including a cot, high chair, potty and even a baby-sitter !

The best thing about Castara, is there is nothing much to do. No big decisions to make. No big money to spend on tourist tack. The only challenges are 'shall we go to Big Beach, or Little Beach?'

Activities are only moments away, if your imagination & 'get up and go' allows you.

We did squeeze in a couple of brilliant trips - one up into the rainforest & the other on a boat-trip with BBQ. It was SO exciting to cook the very same fish that we had just caught.

Castara Cottage is a delightful, friendly place to stay, especially for families. The staff are exceptionally helpful & we were totally satisfied.

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