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3 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Mark Neal

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After reading the reviews on Castara Cottage, there is little left to say. The cottage is perfect if you are looking for a self serving apartment within an authentic, welcoming fishing village...walking distance to two beaches, next door to a market, etc. Duck, Fitzroy, Bridgette, and the management were fantastic and there were no hangups what so ever. Castara, the actual village, is the most genuine community you could ever hope to visit. Where else will people accept you into their lives, their circle of friends, and families after knowing you for just a few days?

I had no idea what to expect of Tobago before we arrived, but it is paradise, and Castara is the gem in the crown. Charlotteville is fantastic as well. I highly recommend renting a car while you are here and see the entire island. The roads are definitely dicey in that they have constant blind curves on the side of cliffs, with very few guardrails...and as an American not used to driving on the left, and driving a manual transmission changing gears with my left was certainly a new experience, but all this just added to the "coolness" of Tobago.

I would recommend spending a day at the beach at Pigeon Point as well. Sure it's full of tourists, kids screaming, trinket shops, and more burgers than roti, but it is absolutely beautiful and reminds you that Tobago has not only the rugged beauty of the North, but the quintessential Carribbean beaches and crystal clear water to the South. It also, in my opinion, allows you to truly appreciate the rest of the island and how well other areas have kept their purity. If you are planning a family vacation and you want to walk off the plane on to the beach, consider staying in the Pigeon Point area. If you are looking for more, just take a day trip there.

Here are my recommendations:

-rainforest tour with Fitzroy. a rainforest tour really is a must.
-boatride with Duck and friends
-bring your own coffee, because i can't think of a better place to wake up early and have a good cup of joe, and it is tough to find on the island
-try to go to Tobago during Goat and Crab race, and go to the race by boat
-visit all parts of the island, even if it's just to drive through
-spend a lot of time between Castara and Charlotteville....breathtaking panaramas everywhere.
-bring very few clothes...pack what you think you need and then put half of it back. no collars necessary.
-stock up on groceries when you arrive, and enjoy cooking with local ingredients and the catch of the day
-eat "bake and shark" sandwiches, the salted fish puff pastry things, fresh fruit, home baked bread and veggie roti
-drink local beer and don't be afraid to drink a little more rum than you are used to :)
-MEET's worth it here.
-snorkle as much as possible

Thank you Tobago!

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