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3 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Marsha Mark Montgomery

Guest Report

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For us, the best part of staying in Castara was having easy access to seeing the other very scenic parts of the island; from the north to the east and back to the west again. With car hire, this proved a wonderful and memorable experience. Like others before us we also thoroughly enjoyed Englishman's, Parletuvier and Bloody Bays, and drove through the forest reserve on our way back to Castara.

However, I am afraid that for my husband and I the four nights and five days spent in the Saffron appartment of Castara cottages was a huge dissappointment.
We were initially highly surprised by how close to the main road, the appartment was located as we drove into Castara, but thought that there would not be any problems if the noise level of the traffic was low. This proved totally the opposite - with loud hooting and people revving cars on a daily morning basis...with no chance of a sleep-in.

Unfortunately for us, we also had an English family next door with two screaming children, loud and constantly jumping on the floor boards. This proved our worse nightmare and we dread to think what the family in the appartment cottage below were going through. From all accounts Brigitte, the manager had already received complaints from the French family of four staying in the appartment below!
On a separate note, Brigitte, the manager was a star. She fixed the non-flushing toilet immediately and cleaned and tidied up the appartment on a regular basis. Even when after 3 nights, we decided to leave earlier than planned, she totally understood our position.
We also understood that there were no mod cons, such as TVs in the appartment; but with the noise of films being played next door, we felt as if we were living in a cinema whilst trying to have a relaxing evening, taking in the sun-set.

I would recommend to anyone wanting to visit Toabago, to either choose accommodation in and around Crown Point and /or Pidgeon point with its great relaxing and fun beaches, surfing, diving and snorkelling and with numerous guesthouses and hotels with a wide range of prices as well as some choice of reasonably priced restaurants and supermarkets for self-catering or further afield near Black Rock; where the small family-run guesthouses were comfortable but that can get booked out very fast in December.

We fortunately spent the remainder of the two weeks in two other places: one of them an appartment overlooking the sea near Black Rock and the other at Crown Point where we had a glorious time, with access to beaches, snorkelling and diving. Where we had a much needed relaxing time.

Tobago is a small enought island to get to know your way around, filled with stunning smaller and less frequented beaches than Castara that are simple, beautiful with fewer people.

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