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Guest Report

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:48 am
by Jovan Kilibarda
We definitely loved our stay at Castara. It was very interesting, beautiful, unusual...
Firstly and most importantly to mention is that this is not all you can eat, non-stop entertainment, resort style vacation. This is about spending time on a beautiful tropical island, among villagers whose life is not revolving only around tourists but around... fishing, mostly, I guess.

Secondly, we were there at summer time (July 2011) which has two significant implications:
1. It is the time for the rains - beautiful quick warm tremendous downpours; the only problem is that bugs love them too and thrive in those rainy days.
2. As there are more bugs, there are fewer visitors so you get more of the island beauty and attention from the locals for yourself.

Long pants are highly recommended: mosquitoes (or sand flies, or both, or whatever) bite, usually under knees. Not having exposed legs and feet helps a lot.

Apart from the beautiful scenery, beaches, water, what truly made our trip special and memorable were the people; they were all sincerely friendly, helpful, spontaneous, relaxed, generous. We made many good friends there.

We loved our Castara Cottage Tamarind apartment - it felt like a home: cosy, colourful, spacious. The deck was everyone's favourite spot. The living room could be turned into balcony as well – two walls are actually boards that open for even more breeze to come in; there are no glass windows anywhere and you definitely do not need them. We also enjoyed it's location very much. The bathroom had only very basic functionality; a hose outside was helpful. The kitchen was modest but offered everything we needed to make meals.