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9 apartments in Bon Accord (listing)
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Dawn & Samuel

Guest Report

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Arrangements were made for the owner to pick us up at the airport. After waiting 40 mins found a phone and called they seemed suprise that we had arrived? Daughter arrived who was extremely unfriendly. We struggled to put the suitcases in the boot of the car as it was filled with garbage and maggotts.
The room was dark and smelt of mould. The fridge was rusty and there were plenty mosquitos in the room.

However, friends who were also staying there were in the upstairs appartments and their rooms were clean and new so it all depends which rooms you are allocated.

The pool seemed nice and the water warm although because of the trees surrounding it there were loads of insects floating in the water. The pool is not chlorinated and all in the party who had been in the pool were sick for the week including my 3 year old.
Paid $400 tt dollars per night.

I would not recommend.
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