Latest idea for THA on the airbridge

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Carol G
Oh, so Sad!
Oh, so Sad!
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Latest idea for THA on the airbridge

Post by Carol G » Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:30 pm

Hi All,
Although I know many of you are lucky to arrive directly (!@#... have hear not sooo great), but for most of us North Americans we arrive via the Airbridge. I am not so love with CAL, that a change would not be considered...but still remember the last time another company took over the Airbridge, after the Cdn plane lease was cancelled. Nightmare of logistics...could not book in advance from outside of T&T, plead for a seat upon arrival, pay whatever they wanted...
So rather aghast at the latest comment from Mr. London..(from the Tobago News):
London adds, “Our strong recommendation is that we return to a more efficient arrangement which would entail that we have a separate airline running the bridge between Trinidad and Tobago where we could deal with all the nuances, we could determine what level of subsidy, we could determine what is the best type of airplane and we can ensure that it achieve the objective with respect to bringing people between the two islands.” THA’s Chief Secretary, would like to see the management and control of the air and sea bridges to reside in Tobago. Minister in the Ministry of Finance Vasant Bharath says the current route is heavily subsidised and a separate airline through the private sector would result in increased airfares.
Cheer, Carol G

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