Today's travel (LGW/TAB)

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Today's travel (LGW/TAB)

Post by PaulMakin »

having been due back in march but refusing to pay the inflated easter ticket tax (x3 the usual fare) i flew back today with virgin.

not sure if this is a "hey, what a great journey" or a "what's it all coming to?" post.

ex gatwick with 110 passengers. of these, only 30 continued to tobago.

so, i had a great journey arriving 50 minutes early with 4 seats to myself the whole journey. no gate holding pen at gatwick - straight from departures and onto the aircraft, all of the menu was available, the in-flight sales didn't run out, crew were very relaxed. i reached the baggage hall at crown point many minutes before my bag and didn't get scanned (it's working again by the way so be prepared) etc.

but ... 30 arrivals (and i know some of those who were piarco bound) ?


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