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2 apartments in Bethel village (listing)
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Avinash Beepath

Guest Report

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Recently stayed at this villa for 2-3 days and all in all, it was a very comfortable stay at a very comfortable price.

What we loved about the villa:-

* We loved the spacious feeling throughout the villa. Even the high ceilings added to us feeling very "roomy".
* The view from this villa is AMAZING. We had plans to go hanging about the island but instead spent most of our time downstairs at the pool and just enjoyed the evenings.
* Accommodation for 10 people was an easy fit.
* The breeze on the veranda was quite refreshing and complimented the fantastic view.
* The villa came with wireless internet access.
* Best of all the cost to rent this villa was very affordable and we would definitely be recommending this villa to our friends and family.

What we disliked:-

* The road to get there off of Prospect was a little bad.

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