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12 apartments in Crown Point (listing)
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Lynette Ali

Guest Report

Post by Lynette Ali »

After booking months in advance for the rooms we wanted, when
we got there different rooms were given to us.
The rooms were very dirty and had a very foul smell
We were very dissapointed I just wanted to go back to my home.

Several other customers complianed of the very foul smell
in their rooms. The attitude of the Owner / Manager was
not very becomming of someone in the hospitality business
She is not customer service oriented at all.

WE have been staying at this resort over the last five years
August 2013 was my last stay there.

I have also recommended lots of Trinidadians to stay at the
resort, I will never do this again.

After choosing to spend so much money at our sister isle our
long awaited vacation was indeed very dissapointing.


L. Ali
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