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2 apartments on outskirts of Castara.
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Barrett And Keith

Guest Report

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Just getting over sleep depravation from the travel from castara to the states.
I do not have alot of time at the moment, but i wanted to go ahead and give my overzealous reccomendation for sandcastles. Adam and Ria are amazing hosts and we left the island knowing they will be life-long friends.
The warmth and generousity they showed started at the very beg. of our trip where after several plane delays.....adam ended up at the tiny tobago airport, waiting for 3+ hrs until we landed near 12AM!!!!! (needless to say, i would expect he might not do personal pick-ups after us!!!!).
He took us to our home for the week, which turned into a week 1/2....which would have turned into three if our money hadn't run thin!!!!! and promptly set out a bowl of shrimp.....a serving bowl of shrimp! crusty bread and red wine. We were brought back to life, enough to have a sound, delicious sleep.
We stayed upstairs and waking, the views were incredible....the sounds from the island were rythmic, and the small walk to the beach was no inconvience....
evry day was like this, and the nites when we didn't eat with adam(highly reccomended even if you don't stay there)...we would usually meet up at the local street-side bar for some rum, and the some more rum!!!
sandcastles is in the perfect location- just close enough to town so as not to be in 'the thick of it' and just far enough away so if you are desiring a quiet night, you won't be lured out by the beat of a local party.
Castara and Sandcastles will stay close to my heart.
tahnks adam and ria!!!!
and of course, alex!
we miss you guys

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