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2 apartments on outskirts of Castara.
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Shelly D'Amour

Guest Report

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Being in Castara in late January this year was like being in a postcard. Travel ads often describe certain vacation destinations as “paradise” – but this place really is. And being Adam & Ria’s guests at Sandcastles made the whole experience feel complete.

There was just the 2 of us on this trip, and we opted to rent the entire upstairs apartment (2 bedrooms) for the luxury of having it to ourselves. It was well worth doing. The common areas are small, but would work well if you are sharing with people you know. Some of my most pleasurable moments were spent having breakfast and writing in my travel journal out on the patio in the cool of the morning. With 2 patios and a private balcony it was difficult to decide where to sit sometimes! In the evening we sat on the side patio and enjoyed the night stars, the sound of night birds and the whirr of little bats.

Prior to arriving, we stopped at Penny Savers market in Caanan, near the airport (you pass right by it on the way to Castara). I strongly recommend that you do your food shopping there, esp if you are keen on having certain items. We stocked up on drinks, snacks and breakfast foods. There is no fresh milk for sale on the island that we were able to locate – but we made do with the heat-treated variety for our tea & coffee.

Our bedroom at Sandcastles was wonderfully romantic with its mosquito netting and open air view. The walk-in shower with its large shower head and tons of hot water was *incredible*. There is lots of storage space for clothes and gear, especially in the spacious bathroom. I longed for the quiet of a retreat-like setting and Sandcastles met that need beautifully. Its location up against the hills is just far enough removed from the hubbub of the village (5 minutes drive max) to ensure uninterrupted tranquility.

We immediately became very fond of the whole family. Adam is a superb chef. My sweetie & I shared a lobster tail one night (preceded by an “appetizer” of about a pound of shrimp cooked in an exquisite marinade) that is one of my most memorable dinners ever. On our final night we enjoyed a dinner of snapper stuffed with lobster & shrimp, complemented by several amazing side dishes. It was wonderful to eat food that was so fresh, having been caught locally that day.

The afternoons are very hot in the apartment, but you don’t want to be spending your day inside anyway. We rented a jeep, which was absolutely essential, not only for getting around Tobago, but also for getting us and our stuff down the steep road to Heavenly Bay beach where we enjoyed a swim in the bathwater-warm turquoise sea followed by a drink and a view of the sunset from the atmospheric Beach House restaurant. I should mention that the Sandcastles driveway itself is very steep and if you’re on foot on a hot day carrying things, it can be a challenge. Another good reason to take your car to the beach, even though it’s a close walk.

Liming on the beach at Castara, followed by an extraordinary meal at Sandcastles, star gazing, and a peaceful sleep in the sweet night air – who could ask for anything more?

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Thanks for the nice report. Lest someone misinterpret your remark about the "hubbub" of the village let it be known that Castara will never be mistaken for Cancun or Aruba :lol: We stayed at Seabreeze in January and "hubbub" in Castara can best be described as occasionally two cars passing in opposite directions or a dog barking. A very tranquil and relaxing place to spend a vacation.


P.S. The bar/restaurant in Heavenly Bay is the Boat House not the Beach House and definitely an enjoyable place to have a drink while watching the sun go down. 8) ... astara_012
Can't wait to be "limin"

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