Sandcastles in Castara

2 apartments on outskirts of Castara.
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Sandcastles in Castara

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Just wondering if anyone has stayed at Sandcastles and your impressions. Also, any problems with lack of a/c in this area in February? Any insect issues? Thank you in advance.

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I have no experience of Sandcastles ... is it new .?. I am sure I have heard of it.

Regarding insects ... be careful of the sand flies in Castara ... they are a bit particular but if they like you, as they do me, then it can be uncomfortable.
I don't get bitten by Mossies (that just bite once), but sandflies can bite several times and the bites do not really start to swell and itch until about 6 to 8 hours later which of course makes you think that there is a ravenous mossie in your bedroom in the middle of the night.
Oh Lordy, I got pecked so bad that first time that I had a square bum for weeks and I still have scars down my legs 3 years later.
Please don't let this scare you because they are very partial to my pretty flesh ... the rest of my family was OK ... just take the precautions and avoid sitting in dry sand in the afternoons and evenings.

As for Airconditioning ... that depends on Sandcastles but I prefer to switch it off and listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach ... that will bring you many sweet dreams.


Zoe S


Post by Zoe S »

Hi Joana

We stayed at Sandcastles over Christmas this year. Ria and Adam are a young, fun couple with big plans for this unusual accommodation. They produce fabulous meals if you don't fancy cooking. It is a pleasant 5 minute stroll downhill to Castara village, and a rather less pleasant, steep crawl back up! (doesn't feel so bad after a few Caribs!)

The bedrooms are spacious, with mosquito nets over the beds and cots (hurrah!), and the sunset views can be spectacular. The shared areas (lounge, kitchen) are quite small, and at the same time we (a couple) were there, another family was there, nice couple with a 18 month daughter. Though pleasant people, we did feel a bit cramped and limited in what we could do (noise can be an issue between rooms), so I would recommend either going with people you know, or booking both apartments. Adam is also on the brink of opening a B&B room downstairs, which looked quite impressive, so this may also be an option. I would advise emailing them, as they are very helpful and can offer advice.

Hope this helps. Oh, and Autan is v good against mossies.


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