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Guest Report

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:35 am
by Danielle
My fiance and I spent three days at Spence Resort. We'd read a lot of decent reviews about the place, and decided to give it a try. Everyone was helpful and friendly, and the room was fine; cosy, clean and well-outfitted. My only complaint regarding the room was that the air conditioning conked out on our last day there, and so we had to open all the doors and windows to keep the room from getting too hot. The pool area was clean and completely satisfactory, until the third day of our stay, during which the sounds coming from the adjoining bar became very loud. Every single word uttered in the bar area (Shutter's) was audible in the pool, including the expletives and uncensored music. My fiance and I decided not to make a fuss, as our stay was to be short, but I sympathized with families with young children who might be coming.