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Small apartment house in Crown Point (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Deborah »

The website for Spence was quite misleading. There is more than one location. I thought in had booked for the store bay local road location only to be told upon check- in that a car would be coming to pick me up to take me to the other location. I chose this location because of the distance to the airport and in had friends and family staying close by. I reserved 3 rooms and stayed in two with another couple in our party as one person cancelled last minute.
I was given a voucher for the unused room that was reserved and will not be using it... I'd rather count that money as lost than stay there again.

The rooms are basic which would be fine if they were kept well... the rooms were poorly maintained (I took photos) and had a foul odor. I was not pleased.

After about 40 minutes of us being in our room our driver (very kind guy) offered to move us to another location but it was even further away from the rest of our group staying on store bay local, road (they stayed at crooks)... we actually ended up bunking in one of their rooms for the night.

The next morning the receptionist at the main location said they would send a car to pick us up so we could check out... we waited over half hour they said he was 5 min away and ended up just paying for a taxi to take us there to check out.

Overall experience was poor.
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